ouglas took roots along the expanding railroad tracks in 1886. Today the historic depot that brought numerous travelers, pioneers and local citizens to the area serves as the county’s Visitor Center and Douglas Railroad Museum. The railroad, from travel to shipping cattle and coal, played an instrumental role in the life we know today, here on MOUNTAIN TIME.

The little red depot is surrounded by a collection of historic rail cars and a steam locomotive built in the 1940s. The surrounding rail cars include a dining car, a livestock car, a sleeping car, a baggage car, a day coach, a caboose and a motor car. The staff at the Visitors Center enjoys sharing information about trains and the area. Visitors are invited to climb aboard many of the cars including the dining car, the day coach, the sleeping car and the new caboose exhibit.


hether you have questions about jackalope, area attractions, or a great place to eat, the staff is always friendly and helpful. The Visitors Center has numerous brochures, maps and magazines that can help you maximize your time in this area and plan the next leg of your vacation.