whether you’re talking fuel production or a desire to get things done, energy is abundant in the Cowboy State. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Wyoming is one of the nation’s top 10 natural gas producers and one-fifth of that production takes place in the Powder River Basin north of Douglas. While the raw materials that go into making plastics are largely the same, there are a few things that set Wyoming apart.

Wyoming is an untapped market in the world of plastics. Raw material is abundant, but at present is shipped to out-of-state markets. Given the vast expanse of land and a business friendly atmosphere as it relates to state government, it is a supply on which Converse County leaders believe the plastics industry can grow. They are looking for that kind of growth by inviting plastics companies and related businesses to come see all the community has to offer.

Natural gas production in Wyoming has increased steadily since 1999. Production is expected to continue the upward trend, Converse County included. Due to the area’s distance from the nation’s largest gas customers, there’s a financial incentive for gas that can be used locally. The U.S. Energy Information Administration says, “Wyoming typically consumes well under one-tenth of the natural gas it produces.” Mid-October the City Gate price for natural gas in Wyoming was $3.35/thousand cubic feet compared to a national average of $4.57/thousand cubic feet.

  • Wyoming is One of the Nation’s Top Ten Natural Gas Producers.
  • Over One-fifth of the State’s Production of Natural Gas Takes Place in the Powder River Basin, Directly North of the City of Douglas.
  • Natural Gas Production in Wyoming has Steadily Increased Since 1999.
  • Mid-October 2015 Price for Natural Gas in Wyoming was $3.35 Per Thousand Cubic Feet, Compared to the National Average of $4.57 Per Thousand Cubic Feet.
Companies with a local presence include Chesapeake Energy. Chesapeake is the nation’s second largest producer of natural gas and the twelfth largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids. According to the company’s website, they’ve drilled at 150 locations in the Powder River Basin north of Douglas.

EOG Resources has also opened offices in Douglas. The company is another of the nation’s largest oil and gas producers. Anadarko, another key player in this industry, is also active in the Powder River Basin.

Abundant natural gas in an untapped market is at the center of Converse County’s invitation for a plastics company to build in the community. Couple that with life on MOUNTAIN TIME and business and life are good!

Did you Know? Wyoming consumes less than 10% of the natural gas it produces and Southeast Wyoming produces 20% of the total State Production