A“can do” attitude prevails here on MOUNTAIN TIME. Whether you’re dealing with a fellow business or the area’s workforce, you can expect to hear, “Let’s figure it out.” Wyomingites are known for their ingenuity, integrity and their appreciation for a job well done.

According to the Wyoming Business Council, “Over the past five years Wyoming’s population has been growing at nearly twice the U.S. average and has a labor force growing nearly six times as fast as the U.S. average. This signals the availability of a solid labor force of skilled workers for businesses now and in the future.”

“For Converse County there are 8,110 potential candidates,” says Peggy Banks of Douglas Workforce Services, a division of the statewide Wyoming Workforce Services and one of the tools through which Wyomingites can find work. Of those 8,110 potential candidates, Banks says there are 91 resumes that could be selected under manufacturing.

While the numbers reported mid-October 2015 change slightly with time, they speak to a labor pool willing to work in Douglas. Banks’ agency specializes in connecting Wyoming people looking for work with those in search of labor.

Of the pool looking for work in Converse County, or willing to relocate to the area, here are some key statistics:

High School Diploma or Equivalent: 43.51%
1-3 Years College or Technical School: 19.86%
Vocational School Certificate: 7.7%
Associates Degree: 8.79%
Bachelors Degree: 11.03%
Masters Degree: 3.22%

Avg. annual household income: $55,759*
Avg. per capita income: $29,799*
Avg. hourly wage: $23.75
Avg. weekly wage: $950.00
Avg. annual wage: $49,400

Percentage of population over 25 that are high school graduates: 91.8%

Percentage of population over 25 that have a Bachelors Degree: 17.2%

Percentage of population in the civilian workforce: 75.3%

Douglas Unemployment Rate: 3%

Wyoming Unemployment Rate: 4%

The Workforce Development Training Fund in Wyoming is considered one of the strongest in the country, according to Brandon Marshall, manager of business development and recruitment for the Wyoming Business Council. “We have seven community colleges in the state, which means that no matter where you may live in Wyoming, you are fairly close to one of them and have great access to worker training programs provided by the state,” he says.

Eastern Wyoming College has over a 20-year presence in the Douglas community. In 2015 the college completed construction on a new campus building that now houses a wide variety of educational opportunities including full time welding and nursing programs. The college, in partnership with the Workforce Development Center, provides customized training for Wyoming businesses. Completion of the new campus brought not only new opportunities to Douglas and its students, but to area businesses.

In summary, there’s a pool of people looking to do business on MOUNTAIN TIME. With an eye on growth, Wyoming has created programs to help your company connect with that labor pool and train the needed staff. In Wyoming, opportunities are abundant.

Did You Know? Converse County’s civilian workforce percentage is 75.3%, more than 10 points above the national average.