what better place to make your home than on MOUNTAIN TIME underneath these western skies? Converse County offers a variety of real estate ranging from old neighborhoods to rural living and most property types in between.

“Today in Douglas we have a healthy 91 residential homes available on the market,” says one of the community’s leading real estate professionals, Macey Moore. She says the average number of days a home spends on the market is 228 or about seven and one half months, well within the typical six to nine months for the Douglas market. Moore says that as of early Fall 2015 that 114 homes had sold with a median price of $202,000.

In 2013, thanks to a beautiful historic district, Douglas was included in the hit television show “This Old House.” Many of the community’s historic homes were built around the time Wyoming was earning statehood. The ranching industry, mostly comprised of sheep in the Douglas area, was booming.

It was during this same era that the Christ Episcopal Church was built at the corner of Fourth and Center streets in downtown Douglas. The local post office, constructed in 1909 and still in use, was also built on the edge of this era. Both buildings are surrounded by historic homes, mostly built by railroad executives and early day ranchers. Present-day owners take pride in the historic homes, maintaining their beauty and condition while preserving their historic nature.

Those who prefer a more modern neighborhood have several new developments from which to use. One of Douglas’ more recent additions overlooks the community pathway along the North Platte River and adjoins Keith Rider Park. Other newer neighborhoods are positioned to enjoy the community’s numerous parks or easy access to the local golf course.

Douglas Is located along the North Platte River

Annually, the community hosts the Wyoming State Fair & Rodeo

Douglas was established in 1886, four years before Wyoming earned statehood.

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If you are not looking to buy, Moore says today’s rental market holds more opportunity than during the recent oil boom. “Prices have softened and availability now exists whereas for the last couple of years most landlords have had a waiting list and no availability.”

While metropolitan America is home to entire lodging facilities that cater to demand during times of construction, Converse County’s more traditional lodging properties are accustomed to meeting this need within the county. Lodging properties, listed at ConverseCountyTourism.com, are often open to long-term contracts and in some cases have rooms that are more apartment like in terms of the amenities they include. The community offers a wide variety of properties with a great deal of construction taking place in recent years. Workers in the area can choose between historic downtown and newer construction on the community’s edges.

The real estate community has a strong on-line presence, sharing listings with numerous photographs and a variety of prices. The websites highlight both the price range and the wide variety of home styles. Take a minute to speak with them directly and you’ll undoubtedly hear a friendly, professional voice on the other end of the line. It’s just the way we do business on MOUNTAIN TIME.

Did You Know? Several homesteading families still have descendants living and working in Converse County today.