Lost Springs Ranch
96 Lost Springs Road
Lost Springs WY
Mountain Lodge, LLC
1110 Birch St
Douglas, WY
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Mountain West Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company
110 South 4th Street, Glenrock, WY
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PO Box 950
2132 E. Richards St.
Douglas WY
Nutri-West was founded in 1982, a small nutritional supplement company offering a limited, but effective line of its own products. The company was the creation of a successful Wyoming Chiropractor and nutrition expert, Dr. Paul White, and his wife Marcia. A great deal has changed since then. Nutri-West is today a multi-national giant with state-of-the-art manufacturing and shipping facilities serving distribution centers throughout the United States and in Africa, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, England, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and West Indies. The company’s product list has grown, too, expanding and developing from its limited beginnings into the largest, most diverse line of nutritional supplementation available today. There are now more than 280 separate Nutri-West products including vitamins, minerals, glandulars, enzymes, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, specialty products, tinctures, herbals, gels, topicals, and homeopathics. But for all of the change that has taken place, it is what has stayed the same that remains the basis of Nutri-West’s success. The sole focus of operations is still helping the health-care professional optimize the well-being of his or her patients. As before, Nutri-West strives to provide ever-more-effective supplements developed by its research panel of more than 20 eminent doctors. And realizing that patient compliance is a key to patient health, the company continues to offer only high-potency, all-natural products that are easy to carry, easy to take, and in general easy to make a part of one’s regular quest for health. Nutri-West’s dedication to product quality, purity and efficacy has also remained unchanged over the years. In fact, through the acquisition of ultra-modern processing and manufacturing equipment and the development of a model production facility, the company has redoubled its ability to deliver optimum products, time after time. And finally, in its continuing policy of marketing exclusively through chiropractors, nutritionists, medical doctors and other licensed professionals and never through health food stores or other retail outlets, the company maintains a founding commitment to the health-care professions.
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Pronghorn Ranch
1386 Highway 56
Douglas WY
The Pronghorn Ranch is a family business and working cattle ranch that manages 18,000 areas of private grassland. Jay’s great grandfather, Tom Robinson homesteaded this area of eastern Wyoming prairie in 1916 to create Robinson Ranch. Our ranch teems with antelope and offers great hunting opportunities each fall.
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